First, I want to thank God for the gifts and talents He has given me! All the Glory to God!
NOTICE! First and foremost I thank God for the Gifts and Talents He has given me and the doors He continues to open. NEW WORLD RECORD FOR MUSKOGEE OKLAHOMA! November 5th, Muskogeee High School, Muskogee Oklahoma. Doors open at 5:00 event starts at 5:30.Come be a part of the event! Working with TV Made Me DO It, television out of Canada to be there and tape it live!!! At this event, although I did not break the record for the meteorological balloon, I was able to do a inagural World Record with the Book of alternative records, check below for the new site link. Also check out our new site:
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Wednesday, January 4th,2006. Brian once again announces his future plans to attemps to break the World Record for the fastest time to blow up one hot water bottle. Records this year will be dedicated to his mom and dad, who were always a huge supporter!

This page will partly be in Honor of my dad, who passed away to be with my mom in Heaven on December of 2004. I will also include bits of my mom, who met him at those gates to welcome him home. As my Pastor once said, as proud of her home as she was here in Oklahoma, Mom greeted dad and said to him, " You think my earthly home looked good, wait till you see my Mansion"!
I miss you guys!

After returning home from Italy with a New Guinness World Record, I had a dream.
It was only a short dream, but a very emotional dream none the less. I walked up to my dad, who passed away before seeing me break any of these records. I walked up to my dad and handed him the Medal I was given in Italy for the new record, he rubbed his thumb over it a few times in a circular motion, smiled at me then hugged me. He said "I'm proud of you" and I woke up. I know you were trying to tell me you and mom know, and that means a lot to me, I love and miss you guys!

With the passing of my Dad,
I look back and ask, what have I learned from life, and death?
I have found that true happiness comes from within one self.
Material things can break, be stolen, or given away,
But smiles never go away.
Friends can be easily found
E-mails are great to make you dream
And memories last forever.
We are the product of our parents, but what we become in life,
depends on us as individuals.
No one can makes us work hard, dream dreams or push us to reach our goals.
I have also learned what it is like to have no regrets when it comes to someone's passing.
Do what you can, when you can, as often as you can, and let that be the peace in your hearts after they are gone.
Becouse, the Material things you shared, can be broken, stolen, or given away,
But the smiles you shared are yours to keep,
You finally grew up enough to find a friend in them,
and if you were lucky enough like me, to have E-mails between you two, they can still make you daydream,
And the memories, those will last forever.
Brian Jackson
I want to personally thank my family, Candice, Drue,Wynter and Haley for supporting me all these years!
Now, USAYO, thanks for your support and
to all my friends, you have made me so happy and the support you give me is awesome!
You are a true blessing from God!

Thursday, April 13th, 2006 Tahlequah High School.
The morning started will a little nerves on end. This would be the first attempt at the World Record for the year. I look back over the years at the times I came so close to breaking that record. July 3rd, 2004, missed breaking the record by 1 second.
Now after almost retiring at the end of last year, I found myself once again stepping out to attempt to break the World Record for the fastest Hot Water Bottle Burst. With 1100 in the gym of the Tigers, nerves running as fast as my heart was beating, timers and announcers along with the Principal we went for it.I looked up and prayed "Lord give me the strength to do this and let me go home safe to my family".
Mike Pope hollered out the time in ten second intervals, I blew as hard as I could into that bottle. As I heard 30 seconds from Mike, some air leaked out the left side. I was so mad at myself I almost threw it down. I gripped tighter and blew harder into that Blue Hot Water Bottle. As I heard "50 seconds" my mind wasn't able to finish "I'm not going to". I saw a glimpse of the bursting Hot Water Bottle, then the ceiling, then....nothing. I found myself on the floor completely knocked out from the explosion. After a few seconds, I came to, and hear the roar of the crowd, friends and family as they were shouting 51.98 seconds. The old record was 52.68 seconds, now it will be 51.98 seconds! Thanks to all who BELIEVED!

TV Interview, China 2015
Posing with the Guinness Logo

This ones for you Mom & Dad!


Brian Jackson mere flash away from breaking the Guinness World Record for "Fastest Hot Water Bottle Burst" in 51.98 seconds.

High School Assembly
Red Ribbon Week

Stretchest skin and Rolf walks on hot plates.
Both Record Holders

Guinness Official Lisa
I Believe Pose in China

The record set in Milan Italy.

Our New Poster. Pictures taken from the 2010 Guinness Book.

Wynter & Peaches, both our girls!