First, I want to thank God for the gifts and talents He has given me! All the Glory to God!
NOTICE! First and foremost I thank God for the Gifts and Talents He has given me and the doors He continues to open. NEW WORLD RECORD FOR MUSKOGEE OKLAHOMA! November 5th, Muskogeee High School, Muskogee Oklahoma. Doors open at 5:00 event starts at 5:30.Come be a part of the event! Working with TV Made Me DO It, television out of Canada to be there and tape it live!!! At this event, although I did not break the record for the meteorological balloon, I was able to do a inagural World Record with the Book of alternative records, check below for the new site link. Also check out our new site:
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I am sharing some pictures I hope you find interesting.
I have had the opportunity to travel to places I only dreamed about,
and met people I have admired and inspired me!
These are only a few, but I hope you enjoy them.

Stan Lee's Superhumans TV Show

April 13th, 2006, was an awesome day for me.
After many years, and attempts, and even some people saying I was never going to break that record, it all came to this day.
So long to the status Que was the moto for the year.
I was going to push it as hard as I could this year.
Thanks to all of my friends and family,who supported me
Candice, Drue, thank you most. You have been there with me by my side so many times, and I thank you and Love you.
Wynter, our time is coming sweet daughter.

Brian with The Tallest Man in the World

I have been able to meet some amazing people in my travels!

Presentation of Guinness World Record Certificate
Heaviest Vehicle Lifted with Breath 3452 Pounds!

The Gun Show in China
China, 2015

I've tried many things in life,
from drugs and alcohol,
to all types of world records,
But the best thing I ever tried was GOD!
Just reach out, and He'll reach in.

Guinness World Record show in Italy