First, I want to thank God for the gifts and talents He has given me! All the Glory to God!
NOTICE! First and foremost I thank God for the Gifts and Talents He has given me and the doors He continues to open. NEW WORLD RECORD FOR MUSKOGEE OKLAHOMA! November 5th, Muskogeee High School, Muskogee Oklahoma. Doors open at 5:00 event starts at 5:30.Come be a part of the event! Working with TV Made Me DO It, television out of Canada to be there and tape it live!!! At this event, although I did not break the record for the meteorological balloon, I was able to do a inagural World Record with the Book of alternative records, check below for the new site link. Also check out our new site:
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Motivating todays youth, to believe in tomorrow!
Motivating people since 1992!

Speaking to our Youth
Holding the 2010 Guinness Book

Brian Jackson shown here presenting the Guinness World Record book to an excited youth!
Brian is also a part of a group of presenters from USA Yo, from former NFL Football player, Former NBA Basketball player, to Former PBR Bull Riding Champions and more! Check them out at and book your speaker for upcoming events! 

Record #12, 4387 Pounds!

Jiangying, Jiangsu, China
 Guinness World Record Show.
Guinness World Record #12!

  • I never know wxactly what I will say to students, but somehow I tap into where they are, what they need and what will reach them. My goal is to get them to laugh at the beginning, but by the end be asking themselves, "I wonder if I could..."           Brian Jackson                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    Nationally know program dealing with drugs, alcohol, self esteem and motivation. Presenting to hundreds of assemblies, churches, camps, conferences and over 1 million in attendance, Brian has traveled all over the country motivating audiences of all ages and for many different groups and organizations into BELIEVING!
    Brian goes through some of his own stories of how he chose several different paths along lifes road before finally geting to where he is today. Brian does this in a comical way, allowing his audience to have time to watch, laugh and then even dare to ask, " How did you get here"?
    This workshop is best used after the I BELIEVE Program.
  • Archery Tournaments! NASP Tournaments, contact us at TNT on The Go LLC!
    This class deals with the ups and downs of public speaking. After many years of public speaking and many requests to put together a class, Brian has put together his view of public speaking. Be ready to take a funnier view of speaking after this class.
  • So you want to be a World Record Holder.... As a Guinness World Record holder, Brian has inspired people all over the world, but some of his own motivation comes from his Cherokee Roots and family traditions. "I learned early that our individual gifts are meant to be shared, it's my job to help young people get to a place where they understand that and know they have options, no matter who they are, where they're from or what they've done".

My First Ripley's Cartoon
Heaviest Vehicle Lifted with Breath



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